Production and Testing Equipment

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50 Years of Auto Parts & Motorcycle Parts Manufacturing | TR.SCORE

Based in Taiwan, TR.SCORE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is an OEM / ODM metal part welding and stamping supplier and manufacturer since 1955, and the 50 years of supplying metal parts, including auto parts, motorcycle parts, as well as equipment parts for medication, sport and furniture.

TR.SCORE has been providing metal parts with outstanding welding and stamping technology to enhance cost-effectiveness and quality. For companies such as Gogoro, Karma, AEON MOTOR, AGCO, Honda Taiwan, the motorcycle parts are built to meet the highest standards.

TR.SCORE has been offering customers high quality auto parts, medical equipment parts and motorcycle parts, both with advanced welding and stamping technology and 35 years of experience, TR.SCORE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Production and Testing Equipment

Our goal is to provide our clients with best production technology, best quality control and the best service.
Our goal is to provide our clients with best production technology, best quality control and the best service.

Production Equipment

Not only do we possess professional stamping machines, including hydraulic press machines, and steam drop hammers from 80 ton to 500 ton, but we also own various high-precision metal processing machines, such as bending machines, coaxial processing machines, milling machines, lathe machines, welding circle machine, CO2 welding machines produced by Japan OTC, and approximately 20 welding robot arms with argon welding gas, containing robot arms for automatic holding two objects at the both side.

Hydraulic Press 500 Ton1 unit
Hydraulic Press 400 Ton1 unit
Punching Machine Below 300 Ton15 units
Engine Hanger for Coaxial Processing Machine1 unit
Milling Machine1 unit
Lathe Machine1 unit
Bender Machine1 unit
OTC CO2 Welding Machine and Argon Welding Machine18 unit
Special Welding Circle Machine1 unit

Testing Equipment

In the aspect of professional testing equipment, uses professional Mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines (three-dimensional), Rockwell hardness testing machines, water tightness test devices, overhead projectors, bearing detector, Gun type three point micrometer, Universal Angle gauge, Height gauge, vernier caliper, etc.

Three-Dimensional Measuring Machine1 unit
Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines1 unit
Bearing Inspection Machine1 unit
Gun Type Three-Point Inside Diameter Micrometer1 unit
Projector Machine2 units
Universal Angle Gauge1 unit
Film Measuring Machine1 unit
Height Master2 units
Film Thickness Meter1 unit