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35 Years Metal Stamping & Metal Welding Manufacturer | TR.SCORE

Based in Taiwan, TR.SCORE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1955, is a Metal Welding | metal part welding and stamping manufacturer. Main metal parts, including auto parts, motorcycle parts, as well as equipment parts for medication, sport and furniture - from raw materials, stamping, welding, surface treatment and packaging, everything needed is ready.

Metal stamping & metal welding services with steam drop hammers from 80 ton to 500 ton, high-precision metal processing machines, 20 welding robot arms with argon welding gas and professional testing equipment.

TR.SCORE has been offering customers high quality auto parts, medical equipment parts and motorcycle parts, both with advanced welding and stamping technology and 35 years of experience, TR.SCORE ensures each customer's demands are met.

Metal Welding

Welding Technology
Welding Technology

We have provided our clients with metal welding services for over 50 years. The rich experiences we have accumulated enable us to provide you with reliable quality and excellent production efficiency. In addition to the services of metal welding, we can handle a range of services from parts production, welding to finishing all by ourselves. The following are some examples:


First of all, we will discuss production requirements with you. In addition to metal welding services, we provide pre- and post-production services. For example, we can produce parts used for welding by OEM and handle post-welding finishing for clients.
We will also discuss with you size requirements, production standards, manufacturing methods, quotations for molds and number of works, sample delivery schedule, mass production and production preparation time, to fully understand whether you need the services of stamping and subsequent processing, and so on.


As the welding techniques have advanced rapidly, with the help of robotic arms and excellent programming, we are able to effectively reduce production time, increase efficiency, provide reliable quality and speed up delivery.
On top of 50 years of experiences in production, we put extra emphasis on quality management. To provide our clients with better services, we passed ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification in 2018.


At the preliminary stage of development, we will discuss with our clients the delivery methods of components after welding, requirements of shipping containers, and storage methods after welding, and ensure that we understand whether you need the service of finishing. It's our basic requirement to ensure production quality, proper packaging and timely delivery.

Application of Metal Welding

Welding technique used in various products.
Many products are manufactured by means of welding, such as:
Household hardware, furniture, kitchenware, 3c products (high-tech products), machinery components and parts, and accessories to motorcycles and various automobiles.