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Based in Taiwan, TR.SCORE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is a OEM / ODM - ATV Frame supplier and manufacturer since 1955, and the 50 years of supplying metal parts, including auto parts, motorcycle parts, as well as equipment parts for medication, sport and furniture.

TR.SCORE has been providing metal parts with outstanding welding and stamping technology to enhance cost-effectiveness and quality. For companies such as Gogoro, Karma, AEON MOTOR, AGCO, Honda Taiwan, the motorcycle parts are built to meet the highest standards.

TR.SCORE has been offering customers high quality auto parts, medical equipment parts and motorcycle parts, both with advanced welding and stamping technology and 35 years of experience, TR.SCORE ensures each customer's demands are met.

OEM / ODM - ATV Frame

We have been manufacturing ATV frame for decades.
The vehicle is the most important structure that frame is the foundation of a vehicle.
In other words, the size of the frame can seriously affect the vehicle body forming condition.
The frame size and welding fusion requirements are more rigorous.
the production is the need for long-term technical and experience to work,
Also, quality is required to the full inspection for shipment.
The vehicle frame dominates the body structure, for the frame rust, in addition to the basic surface coating, liquid coating powder, coating paint and various coating methods, at the same time, the surface treatment partner, has a stable and excellent surface coating technology, and avoid the possibility of rust mistakes.

Product Purpose

The main vehicle body structure.

The ATV frame is a large frame and must be more impact resistant.
So the material is thicker than the general steel pipe, the structure is also strong, welding fusion requirements are more rigorous.