OEM / ODM - Bearing Holden for Trucks

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OEM / ODM - Bearing Holden for Trucks | Metal Stamping & Metal Welding Manufacturer | TR.SCORE

Based in Taiwan, TR.SCORE ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1955, is a OEM / ODM - Bearing Holden for Trucks | metal part welding and stamping manufacturer. Main metal parts, including auto parts, motorcycle parts, as well as equipment parts for medication, sport and furniture, from raw materials, stamping, welding, surface treatment and packaging, everything needed is ready.

Metal stamping & metal welding service with steam drop hammers from 80 ton to 500 ton, high-precision metal processing machines, 20 welding robot arms with argon welding gas and professional testing equipment.

TR.SCORE has been offering customers high quality auto parts, medical equipment parts and motorcycle parts, both with advanced welding and stamping technology and 35 years of experience, TR.SCORE ensures each customer's demands are met.

OEM / ODM - Bearing Holden for Trucks

We have been manufacturing bearing holder for trucks for decades.
Because it has the function of locking and covering bearings, the bearing frame is generally used for protecting bearings, It's also more curved in shape, The distance between each point in size is very important.
the production is the need for long-term technical and experience to work, Also, quality is required to the full inspection for shipment.

Product Purpose

Protective body bearing.

Our company has been supporting bearing frames for agricultural machines in the United States for decades. The bearing frames used in large and small vehicle frames are also different,
Our company can OEM production for various types of vehicle size bearing frame.